NetShelter CX Mini
Model: AR4000MV
UPC Code: 731304294139
Physical capacity: 2 tower servers or
12 rack spaces when using AR4000MV12U

Integrated PDU: 3 IEC outlets + 3 NEMA cables

NetShelter CX Mini
Model AR4000MV

Air-cooled acoustic enclosure for small office IT installations

NetShelter CX Mini is specifically designed to house a complete small-office IT installation comprised of one or two servers, network hardware and peripheral devices. It accepts tower form factor servers or can be converted to accept rack form factor servers using AR4000MV12U 4-post, 12U rack mount conversion kit.

NetShelter CX Mini enables deployment of servers and network hardware directly in the office workspace, doing away with the need for a dedicated computer room. It combines extreme noise reduction and high thermal capacity with exceptional reliability and an all-inclusive, plug-and-play specification. A host of installer-friendly features ensure quick and easy deployment and the cabinet's office-quality appearance blends seamlessly into any workspace environment. The low profile design and standard heavy-duty castor wheels allow it to be installed beneath a standard-height office desk if required.

At A Glance

External dimensions: Height 670 mm (26.3 ins)
Width 690 mm (27.7 ins)
Depth 930 mm (36.6 ins)
Noise generated by empty cabinet: 39 dBA
Noise reduction to hardware in cabinet: 18.5 dBA attenuation to server noise of 64 dBA
Typical total noise, 2 x servers operating: 43.5 dBA (example: 2 x mid-spec HP ML370 servers,
30% CPU and system load)
Total noise, 2 x servers inc. full virtualisation: 45.5 dBA (example: 2 x mid-spec HP ML370 servers,
100% CPU and system load)
Integrated mains power distribution: 3 x IEC C13 outlets in rear of cabinet. 3 x IEC C13
server power cables are included
Maximum recommended thermal load: 800 Watts
Power consumption of empty cabinet: 10 Watts total power consumed by cabinet's integral
forced air cooling system
Physical security: Fully lockable with the same key for front and rear locks

Are my systems compatible with NetShelter CX Mini?

NetShelter CX Mini is compatible with modern tower servers such as HP ProLiant ML100/ML300 series, Dell PowerEdge 1900/2900 and IBM System x3105 and x3200 towers, subject to a maximum total thermal load of 800 watts.

With the optional part code AR4000MV12U rack conversion kit installed, the resulting 12U, 4-post rack is compatible with HP ProLiant DL-class (except for G6/G7) rack mount servers using their standard HP Sliding Rail kits. Other rack mount servers such as Dell PowerEdge R200, R300, SC1435 and 860 and IBM System x rack mount servers can also be installed, using the optional AR4000MV12U rack conversion kit in conjunction with the optional AR4000MV-FR Fixed Server Rail kit. One AR4000MV-FR Fixed Rail kit is required per server in this instance.

NetShelter CX Mini is compatible with most servers and other hardware from these and other manufacturers, the constraining factors being a maximum total thermal load of 800 Watts and a maximum server depth measurement of 700 mm / 27.5 inches. If you have questions on server compatibility with NetShelter CX Mini, please consult your NetShelterCx representative before ordering.

NetShelter CX Mini has little or no adverse effect to server operating temperatures compared to running the equipment in free space, yet it reduces server noise to such an extent that it goes unnoticed in daily use, even when working close by.

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Cantilever equipment shelves

NetShelter CX Mini 12U Vertical Mounting Rail Kit

This 12U vertical mounting rail kit bolts into pre-existing holes in the Netshelter CX Mini to convert the Basic Enclosure into a 12U Rack Enclosure with a fixed rack depth of 600 mm (26").

Includes: Installation guide, Mounting Hardware, Qty 4 - 12U Vertical Mounting Rails

Standard Lead Time: Usually in Stock

Part code AR4000MV12U

NetShelter CX Mini Fixed Rail Kit

NetShelter CX Mini Fixed Rail Kit

This 2-component Fixed Rail Kit enables a wide variety of equipment to be rack mounted by providing 2 horizontal ledges on which to slide and place equipment. Note: requires the Netshelter CX Mini - 4 post 12U Rack Kit (AR4000MV12U) for installation.

Includes: Installation guide, Mounting Hardware, Qty 2 - Horizontal Rails

Standard Lead Time: Usually in Stock

Part code AR4000MV-FR




Laminate Finish Code  
Dark Grey Sides / Light Oak Doors and top C014 Dark GreyLight Oak

Technical Drawings

Plan View

ComputerVault Plan View

Side View

ComputerVault Side View

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