Business Case

Deploying NetShelter CX compared to building computer rooms

Based on a 60-person office with 9 x servers, switches, patching, UPS, KVM and tape backup

Build a computer room:     Deploy a NetShelter CX AR4038
Typical budget $20k to $30k - > $6k
Typical floor space 100 sq. ft. - > 9 sq. ft.
Typical aircon electrical usage 3,600 Watts - > 101 Watts
Fault tolerance driven by conditioning - > Greater reliability
  Wholly reliant on dedicated room air con
Servers overheat and shut down if it fails
Small body of room air = short overheat time
Restoration by specialist engineer call-out
  Uses room air in open office, with aircon or not
Large body of room air = long overheat time
Simple, hot-swappable fan modules:
much less complex than aircon
average life of service of fans is >8 years
Hold a spare fan module = instant up-time
Deployment timetable 4 to 6 months > Deployment in 1 to 2 weeks
  Internal resources needed for planning
Landlord approval drawings and timescales
Landlord can be a problem in old buildings
Construction disruption and lead time
Aircon machinery and ducting lead time
Stand-alone rack ground strap system required
Anti-static flooring required
  Typically available ex-inventory
Delivered fully built and plug-and-play ready
No stand-alone ground strap system required
No anti-static flooring required
Scalability - > Scalability
  Repeat as above
  Just add another NetShelter CX
Zero portability > Full portability
  Sunk cost not recoverable if you move.
Landlord requires restoration as-was.
  You can take it with you when you move
Repeat above economies in your new building