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24U BladeVault Server Cabinet Model PBSE24

Model PBSE24 BladeVault™

Air-cooled acoustic blade server rack enclosure

Kell Systems BladeVault™ is specifically designed to house a complete office IT installation comprised of a partly-or fully-configured IBM BladeCenter S™ , HP BladeSystem c3000™ or Dell PowerEdge 1955™ , plus UPS, network hardware and peripheral devices.

Portfolio Change: We will be discontinuing our BladeVault 24U product to concentrate on new innovations to the existing range of products. So any lingering notions you have of enjoying the high-density capability with extreme noise reduction of the BladeVault solutions, exercise them now.

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BladeVault is compatible with many other blade server systems, subject to thermal load. Please consult with your Kell representative if you have another type of blade server system.

BladeVault enables deployment of blade servers and their related network hardware directly in the office workspace, doing away with the need for a dedicated computer room. It combines extreme noise reduction and very high thermal capacity with exceptional reliability and a truly all-inclusive, plug-and-play specification. A host of unique, installer-friendly features ensure quick and easy systems deployment and the BladeVault's office-quality appearance blends seamlessly into any office environment.

Physical capacity: 24 rack spaces
Noise reduction: 18.5 dB
Max. recommended thermal load: 4.3 kW (14,700 BTU / hr)
Integrated power distribution: 14 x surge-protected outlets in 2 separate arrays of 7
Power consumption: 84 Watts


Full Specifications

External dimensions:

Height 1400 mm / 55.1" x Width 750 mm / 29.5" x Depth 1280 mm / 50.4"


176 kg / 388 lbs

Weight load capacity:

600 kg / 1,300 lbs maximum weight of equipment in rack

Physical rack capacity:

24 x EIA 1¾" / 44.5 mm rack spaces
4-post rack, fully EIA-compliant, with fixed rear posts and adjustable front posts
Rack depth 755 mm / 29.7", adjustable down to 675 mm / 26.6"
(No baying kit option available)

Note on mounting of blade server chassis and UPS:

BladeVault is supplied as standard with 2 x sets of Kell Systems universal static support rails for use with these devices. These rails replace any supplied by the device manufacturer and will accept a blade server chassis or rack-ready UPS with a depth of up to 850 mm / 33.5". Specific guidelines on whereabouts in the rack to locate a blade server chassis and UPS for best thermal and acoustic performance (please see installation guidelines section for full details)

Extra internal cabinet depth:

Rearward of the rear rack posts: 275 mm / 10.8" except where fan modules intrude.

Floor space requirements:

Individual cabinets are designed to be pushed back flush against a wall. An air space of 500 mm /10. 8" on both sides of the cabinet is essential for normal operation.

Baying cabinets together:

Unlike the Kell Systems ComputerVault Pro range of enclosures, due to air path design constraints there is no baying kit option available for the model PBSE BladeVault.

Air flow system:

2 x Kell Systems ultra-low-noise exhaust fan modules.
4.3 kW maximum recommended total thermal load (or 14,700 BTU / hr).

Effect to server temperatures:

Provided installation guidelines are followed (please see installation guidelines section for full details) and maximum recommended thermal load is not exceeded, BladeVault will make little or no difference to server CPU temperatures versus operation in free air space.

Power consumption:

84 Watts total power consumption by BladeVault itself, including cooling system.

Noise of BladeVault itself:

45.5 dBA total noise generated by BladeVault, measured at 1.0 m / 39" in front.

Noise reduction:

18.5 dB broadband noise reduction, measured at 1.0 m / 39" in front. IBM blade servers used as noise source in noise reduction measurements)


4 x heavy duty castor-type wheels
Front wheels have 360° rotation for steerability
Rear wheels have fixed front-to-back motion for stability

Rear and side access:

Detachable rear side panels, left and right, for installation and maintenance access
Detachable rear fan module backplane gives completely open rear rack access

Cable management:

100 mm / 4" width full-height vertical cable trays to each side of middle of rack
100 mm / 4" width full-height vertical cable trays to each side of rear of rack

(Option for pack of vertical cable management loops for installation in upper section of front of rack, part code BVCM1)

Dust filtering:

Detachable, washabledust filters fitted as standard to all air intakes.

Door locking:

Key operated lock
Option for high security code-entry lock, part code CEL1

Standards compliance:

Electrical systems meet or exceed BS EN 60950:2000, BS 5733:1995 and ISO 9001-2000 and are compliant ROHS Directive 2002/95 and UL60950-1 (USA).

Electronic subsystems meet or exceed EN 60950-1:2006 “Information Technology Equipment - Safety, Part1: General Requirements” and EN292: Part 1: 1991 “Safety of machinery -basic concepts, general principles for design”. Electronics subsystems are CE- certified, certificate number FTE4412GFM-M00 CE, and are compliant with harmonized international standards IEC60950-1:2001 and UL60950-1 (USA).

Acoustic foams meet or exceed UL94-HF1 “Standard for Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances”, (USA) and acoustic barrier materials meet UL94-V0 (USA). Multi-layer composite acoustic materials meet UL94-V0 (USA) and UL94-V2 (USA). Flammability ratings meet or exceed requirements in BS 60950-1:2002 “Information Technology Equipment - Safety” and harmonized international equivalent standards EN60950-1:2001 and IEC60950-1:2001.

Finish Options

Finished in hard wearing office-type laminates, with Dark Gray sides and a choice of colored or wood-effect doors and tops.

24U Server Cabinet Model PSE24
Server Cabinet Finish Server Cabinet Finish Server Cabinet Finish
Server Cabinet Finish Server Cabinet Finish Server Cabinet Finish
White Ash Natural Oak
Server Cabinet Finish Server Cabinet Finish Server Cabinet Finish
Light Oak Natural

To view the various finish options, please mouse over your preferred finish swatch to change the main cabinet image.

Installation Guidelines

BladeVault is supplied with two sets of Kell static support runners, pre-installed in specific locations as recommended for positioning of a blade server chassis and a UPS. These L-shaped profiles link the front and rear rack posts on either side of the rack and provide front-to-back shelf-like support. Blade chassis' and UPS may come as standard with similar fixtures but Kell recommends to discard those and use the Kell-supplied runners to ensure compatibility.

The Kell pre-installed runners are mounted in the positions as noted below, for best thermal and acoustic performance. However they are easily detachable and may be re-mounted to provide support to any rack space in the BladeVault rack.

Mounting positions

BladeVault rack posts have clearly numbered rack spaces for ease of installer use, with spaces numbered 1 to 24 in ascending order (the lowest space in the rack is space 1).

The Kell pre-installed runners are mounted to support rack units 2 and 10. It is intended that the blade chassis should rest on this lower set of runners, occupying rack units 2 to 8 inclusive (6U chassis) or 2 to 9 inclusive (7U chassis). The UPS should then rest on the upper set of runners, occupying rack spaces from 10 upwards according to the rack height of the specific UPS in use. In any case the spaces directly above and below the blade chassis should be left empty.

It is acknowledged that it has been the convention to mount the UPS as the lowest device in the rack, due to its weight. However installers should note that a fully configured blade chassis will normally weigh significantly more than its UPS.

Blanking Panels

Notes on the use of blanking panels

Empty rack spaces should be covered off with blanking panels to prevent recirculation of warm air. Kell offers Hotlok™ blanking panels in 1U and 2U sizes. These push-fit panels clip into the square holes in the rack posts, requiring no screws, and have edge seals to prevent air leakage between panels.

Brush Strip

Notes on installation of switches and patch panels

Where cables need to be brought to the front of the cabinet for patching or similar, a brush strip panel or panels should be used, so that the frontal seal of the rack is maintained to the best integrity. Switches and patch panels should be mounted in the upper spaces of the rack, above the UPS. The upper part of the rack has fixing points for an optional set of vertical cable management loops, and a 1U jumper ring panel is available as an accessory for horizontal cable management.



PBSE24 BladeVault: detailed plan section

Server Cabinet Technical Drawing

PBSE24 BladeVault: side section

PBSE24 BladeVault Cabinet Technical Drawing

PBSE24 BladeVault: external views

PBSE24 BladeVault Cabinet Technical Drawing

Delivery and Aftercare


All BladeVaults are designed to pass through a standard-size doorframe and are normally delivered fully assembled and ready to use. BladeVault can be broken down into component parts where access conditions are constrained. Please consult your Kell Systems representative for details of delivery options in your area.


1 year general warranty against defective workmanship, inclusive of parts and labour
3 years warranty on fan systems

Mounting conventional servers in Kell Systems BladeVault

BladeVault contains a fully EIA-compliant 19" four-post rack with adjustable depth. It is compatible with low-form-factor server rails from major manufacturers including HP, Dell, IBM, Apple etc. Provided that the maximum recommended thermal load is not exceeded, BladeVault may be used to house blade servers, low-form-factor servers or combinations of different server types. Most tower servers can be accommodated also, using Kell static server runners, Kell part code BVSSR.

Power Specifications

Power consumption:

84 Watts total power consumption by BladeVault itself, including cooling system.

Internal power distribution:

BladeVault is supplied as standard with 2 x separate banks of 7 power outlets, arranged vertically on either side of the rack. Each bank of power outlets has a separate trailing lead. All power outlets feature surge protection.

UK & Europe: 2 x 7 x IEC 320 C13 (10 A / 220/240 V)
USA/Canada: 2 x 7 x US NEMA 3 pin sockets
Rest of world: 10 x IEC 320 C13 unless specified otherwise

BladeVault™ power input connection:
BladeVault has 2 x power inputs via an IEC 320 C14 (male) trailing lead for connection to an in-rack UPS, and 2 x extension cables for connection to wall outlets. User may choose the preferred way to connect. Extension cables are:

UK: IEC C13 female trailing socket to standard UK 3-pin plug
Europe: IEC C13 female trailing socket to Schuko 3-pin plug
USA/Canada: IEC C13 female trailing socket to standard US 3-pin plug
Custom: IEC C13 female trailing socket to any user-specified 3-pin plug


All equipment installed within a Kell Systems BladeVault should have conventional grounding/earthing via power cables, but unlike conventional metal-case cabinets,BladeVault has no requirement for additional grounding/earthing in the form of ground strapping or pipe earthing etc. The cabinet shell is constructed entirely from non-conductive materials and the rack is completely isolated from outside contact.

Anti-static measures:

No anti-static measures are required in a Kell Systems BladeVault installation. The rack has full electrical isolation and is not susceptible to static build up that can originate in conventional metal racks by contact with artificial carpet or other flooring materials.


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