This is the Netshelter CX

A Soundproof 'Server Room in a Box'

  • It allows for ultra flexible IT deployment,
    whatever and when ever you want
  • Saving you costs, space & time

The NetShelter CX range is the solution for deploying IT in non-dedicated spaces. Designed for branch offices, remote offices, SMBs and any non-IT space where there isn’t the room, the time or the budget to build a dedicated white-space, the NetShelter CX is an ultra-portable, secure, economic, plug-and-play solution.

AR4018A Server Cabinet AR4024A Server cabinet AR4038A Server cabinet

Model: AR4018A
Physical capacity: 18 rack spaces
Integrated APC PDU: 13 NEMA outlets
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Model: AR4024A
Physical capacity: 24 rack spaces
Integrated APC PDU: 12 NEMA outlets
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Model: AR4038A
Physical capacity: 38 rack spaces
Integrated APC PDU: 11 NEMA outlets
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NetShelter CX RM Server Cabinets

Acoustic computer enclosures with onboard remote management and control system

  • Remote reboot by device
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Real-time alerts
AR4000 Netsheltercx Mini Netshelter CX Mini is an entry-level CX, specifically designed to house a complete small-office IT installation comprised of one or two servers, network hardware and peripheral devices

Model: AR4000MV

Physical capacity: 2 tower servers or 12 rack spaces
Integrated PDU: 3 IEC outlets

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Model AR4038 Server Cabinet

  • Physical capacity: 38 rack spaces
  • MNoise reduction: 18.5 dB
  • Max. thermal load: 3.6 kW
  • Integrated power distribution: 13 x surge-protected outlets
  • Power consumption: 45 Watts

Model AR4024 Server Cabinet

  • Physical capacity: 24 rack spaces
  • Noise reduction: 18.5 dB
  • Max. thermal load: 2.4 kW
  • Integrated power distribution: 10 x surge-protected outlets
  • Power consumption: 30 Watts

Model AR4018 Server Cabinet

  • Physical capacity: 18 rack spaces
  • Noise reduction: 18.5 dB
  • Max. thermal load: 1.2 kW
  • IIntegrated power distribution: 7 x surge-protected outlets
  • Power consumption: 15 Watts

Video Tours of the CX

Use our video tours to hear the amazing soundproofing, explore the workings or understand the great benefits of using the NetShelter CX

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Business Benefits

- Replaces the traditional computer room.
- Eliminates building cost and saves floor space.
- Saves energy cost of computer room air conditioning.
- Moves with you when you relocate to new premises.
- Deploys in weeks rather than months.
- Minimises IT costs through remote management.

What They Say

"The acoustic cabinet is now fully installed and the performance is terrific! It's greatly improved our office working environment and I'd happily recommend your product to others in the future. Thank you again for your assistance and excellent service."

Quenifer Lee
Director, Asia Pacific, 5+Design
"The soundproofing is extremely effective, and so is the cooling system. There was no floor space or budget for a computer room, so we used a NetShelter CX instead. It takes up less floor space, it cost less, and it looks good too."

Jason Sadler
The Geodata Institute
University of Southampton
"We recently purchased 4 NetShelter CX Enclosures for 3 of our regional offices. We are very happy with the performance and will certainly be using them in the future as we roll out new offices."

Scott Greenwood
IT Infrastructure Project Manager, Money Portal Plc
"The rack we installed was lovely, very easy to work with, and the best bit was having racked all the kit, when we closed the doors finally, absolutely everyone´s head came up because all the noise just vanished. They were most impressed"
Gordon Watson
"The NetShelter CX was installed, it looks great and does the job, many thanks."

William Fullerton
Systems Administrator, Dialog Semiconductor
We have a small room with two people and our computer servers. The NetShelter CX has eliminated all high frequency server noise. We have no issue with sound since the CX arrived. The build quality is amazing

Michael J. Kravit, AIA, NCARB, RA
President, Kravit Architectural Associates, Inc.
We estimate that by using the NetShelter CX we save approx 59% per site, before taking reduced floor space costs into account. We have deployed several CX already and we're exceptionally impressed with the cooling and noise reduction. We haven't looked back on the decision.

Peter Morris
Head of Towergate's property management unit

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